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Helvetic Clinics

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Location icon Budapest, Hungary

Star icon 4.8 (473 Reviews)

About the clinic

When you choose Helvetic Dental Clinics, you are selecting the expertise of one of the best European dental clinics available. Helvetic Dental Clinics stand out from the crowd by offering the highest quality of care from experienced dentists, using the most modern equipment, following strict guidelines that have been established in Switzerland.

At Helvetic Clinics, patients receive a personal assessment and follow-up from the same dentist who performed the procedure. Helvetic Clinics offer guarantees that exceed those on offer from most other dental clinics in Europe. The dentists at Helvetic Clinics are highly experienced, having practiced for many years at some of the top dental clinics in Budapest dedicated to dental tourism. Regardless of the nature of your dental...

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Packages (3)

Consultation Package

1 night


Full round bridge on 6 implants



New smile - Full mouth veneers



important: packages are made to illustrate general examples of treatment courses and prices. The exact price of the treatment can vary and can only be determined after a consultation.

Before and after images

Before-after image
6 veneers
Before-after image
20 veneers
Before-after image
e-max crown veneers
Before-after image
e-max veneers + PFM bridge
Before-after image
veneers front & PMF back


Star icon 4.8 (473)
Sam August  
4 weeks ago

Best experience at the dentist I've ever had. I never thought a root canal could be a relaxing and pleasant procedure. Also, the equipment they use seems high end and current. Would highly recommend...

Communication and professionalism: I think those may be the business guidelines of Helvetic. Everyone (really, from the reception through the "coordinators" to the doctors) is extremely attentive and...

Cxxx Cxxx  
2 weeks ago

Follow in my recent visit to your clinic I would like to complement you your organization and in particular The Dentist the carried out my treatment and the back room technicians that made my crowns...

Y W  
4 weeks ago

I can’t believe the dentist here is super professional, and their staff’s services are amazing. Feel like I made a great choice to choose them for my tooth caring. Highly recommend Helvetic Clinics...

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Helvetic Clinics is located in the center of Budapest. The clinic is only 50 meter away from the Basilica and the Hungarian National Opera House. The main sights of Budapest are easy to reach by walking, or by public transportation. The Oktogon and Deak Ferenc square are also within 3-4 minutes walking distance. Budapest is one Europe's most beautiful cities with a thousand-year history and culture, its architecture having been preserved despite the two world wars.

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Révay utca 12, 1065

Budapest, Hungary

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